The qualities of vinasses vary greatly. It depends on the usage of sugar cane or sugar beets for the fermenting process, as well as different production facilities and different raw material qualities. Vinasses is a byproduct of the fermentation of sugar ( mostly molasses, thick juice ) to for example alcohol, yeast, citric acid and monosodium glutamate.

During the fermenting process nearly all of the sugar in the molasses is detracted. Accordingly to this process the proportion of all original ingredients is changed. Based on usage, the following ingredients are viewed as the main quality determiners.

The quality of vinasses can vary within the following benchmarks:

raw protein 12 to 33 %
Ash 14 to 21%
dry matter 50 to 72%
potassium 2 to 11%

Depending on quality vinasses is used in different areas. For example as feed stuff, pelletizing additive, dust binder, fertilizer, etc.

In the following please find an overview of German vinasses qualities:

Depending on origin and producer this commodity is traded based on positive sample results. Generally a minimum raw protein and a maximum potassium content is guaranteed, for example:

Vinasses: min. 22 % raw protein, min. 60 % dry matter, max. 8.5 % potassium, sound quality, usual in trade, as provided sample, otherwise tel quel

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Molasses in containers