Raw glycerol

Depending on raw material and production process the qualities of glycerol can vary greatly. We offer Glycerol as a byproduct of the Biodiesel production based on fatty acid methyl ester out of vegetable oils.

Raw Glycerol is used in different areas, for example in the compound feed industry as:

  • energy feed
  • increases animal appetite
  • dust binder
  • pelletizing additive
  • Ketose prophylaxis
  • better the visual look of feedstuffs.

Glycerol is a viscous, hygroscopic and scentless liquid. The coloring depends on the raw materials used in the production process.

For example: raw glycerol base don rape oil is brighter than raw glycerol base don soya oil. In the following these ingredients are – due to their usage – mainly seen as quality determing:

The qualities of raw glycerol can vary within the following benchmarks:

Glycerol ca. 80 to 86%
Water < 15%
Methanol < 0,2%
pH 4-6

Raw glycerol is typically traded as follows:

raw glycerol: Glycerol content min. 80 %, water content max. 14 %, methanol content < 0,2%, sound quality, usual in trade, otherwise tel quel.

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Raw glycerol