Molasses blends for milk cows

Molasses blends for milk cows

▪ liquid molasses blends for farming cooperatives and compound feed industry
▪ since 2007 production of liquid feed blends in Czech Republic and since 2013 in Brandenburg
▪ blend production based on ED & F Man’s long lasting experience in England and Italy
▪ over 10 existing recipes of liquid feed blends
▪ blends are based on molasses, additional products are for  example: raw glycerol, feed urea etc.
▪ since 2013 the blend facility is GMP+FSA certified

What do we offer?

▪ homogenized liquid quality blends with readily soluble saccharides, nitrogens and mineral nutrients
▪ continuous year round deliveries possible
▪ delivery quantities of around 25 mts ( truck ) or around 1mt (IBC container)
▪ possibility to create new blends based on customer’s wish / feed stuff advisory service
▪ no package disposal necessary / no losses because of dust / no feed stuff losses
▪ option of renting plastic containers (around 12.5 mts) for optimal storage of blends

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